Having learned to handle the aircraft during your training for the RPL you may now move on to the navigation training section for the issue of the PPL. Once training is complete, you are entitled to act as Pilot in Command (PIC) on flights anywhere in Australia other than Restricted or Prohibited areas.

The training consists of navigation or cross-country exercises which vary in duration from two to five hours per sortie. 

As with the training to the RPL standard, navigation training is divided into Dual and Solo sessions. Minimum of 15 hours dual and 5 hours solo. 

In addition to the flight requirements you must also pass a simple CASA exam encompassing the following subjects:

  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Flight Rules and Procedures
  • Aircraft Performance and Operation
  • Human factors

Like the BAK these subjects may also be studied at home or with a class. Your instructor is also qualified to give personal tuition. The exam may be attempted at any time. No specific sitting dates apply. 

After your satisfactory completion of the Navigation training requirements there is another straightforward flight check to examine your navigational skills. This normally takes about 2.5 hours and is conducted by the Chief Flying Instructor. 

After completion of the above requirements you will qualify for the issue of the CASA issued Private Pilot’s Licence.