Special Offer – First one hour lesson free!

Simply purchase a Flight training starter package. Six hours flight training for the cost of five. The starter course includes flight training covering effects of controls, straight and level, climbing and descending, medium level turns, climbing and descending turns and stalling. Prior to each flight lesson you will be given full  pre-flight briefings and theory lessons covering the aerodynamics of each flight.

$1495 including all flight and theory training. Call today for more information 03 5023 4593

The Sky’s the limit! CASA’s new RPL makes gaining a Pilot’s Licence more affordable.

To hold a recreational pilot licence, you must be at least 16 years of age and have (CASR 61.475):

  • passed the appropriate aeronautical knowledge examination and associated aircraft category rating;
  • completed appropriate flight training;
  • passed the recreational pilot licence flight test and at least 25 hours of flight time as pilot of the appropriate aircraft, including at least:
  • 20 hours of dual flight and
  • 5 hours of flight as pilot in command.

However, these hours are based on minimum requirements; realistically the time taken differs for each individual student.

RPL holders are restricted to single engine piston engine powered aircraft which weigh less than 1500Kg and may only carry 1 passenger unless they have a Class 2 medical certificate.

After attaining a RPL you may add a navigation endorsement or continue training towards the issue of a Private Pilot Licence.

Learn to fly in as little as two weeks.

This full time intensive course is designed to maximise your value for money, flying everyday means you are not wasting valuable time relearning skills that you have forgotten.  Committing to this full time course also means that you will receive more comprehensive theory knowledge leaving no gaps, which means that you will be a better and safer pilot.

All of your training will be completed in a late model four seat touring aircraft with leather trim and the latest ADSB navigation equipment.

To complete the course in two weeks would require some theory study prior to commencing the flight training. Unlike many other places, the weather in Mildura will not often stop you from flying.

Full time includes 25.5 hours of dual flight training, 5 hours of solo flight, briefings, theory for exams and flight test. All this for only $9995